Here's information on courses I've been involved with:


Teaching Assistant

  • Foundations of Software Engineering [CMU-313 (Fall 2019)]

    Handled all assignments, redesigned all recitations, taught recitations, and lectured on:

    • microservices.
    • chaos engineering.
    • devops.
  • Languages and algorithms for distributed applications [LSINF2345 (Spring 2017)]

    Main themes:

    • define distributed systems and distributed algorithms with concepts they contain and the properties they give to programs.
    • design collaborative applications on distributed systems using rigorous models to deal with concurrency and partial failure.
    • implement collaborative applications on distributed systems using appropiate technics.
    • use some advanced tools for the development of distributed and mobile applications.
  • Cloud Computing [LINGI2145 (Fall 2016)]

    Thèmes abordés:

    • principes architecturaux du "cloud computing"
    • Mise à l'échelle de services de "cloud computing" (stockage, méthode et temps de calcul, ...)
    • Blocs de base pour les services de "cloud computing"
    • Calculs à grande échelle dans des environnements de "cloud computing"
    • Modèles de programmation pour les services sur le "cloud"
    • Fournir des services Web évolutifs dans le "cloud"