Most recent blog posts.

Short Posts, Thoughts, Reflections

Reflections I've had on building research software, industrial software development, in the context of my Ph.D. research.

Filibuster 2.0 Features

Short posts about new features in Filibuster 2.0, the next major release of Filibuster.

DoorDash Engineering

Articles I've written for the DoorDash Engineering blog.

Service-level Fault Injection Testing

Articles I've written about Service-level Fault Injection Testing and Filibuster.


Articles I've written about food allergies, intolerances, recipes and general food horror.


Articles I've written about teaching.


Articles I've written for the Macrometa blog.

Stateful Serverless

Building stateful serverless solutions.


Building the next generation of high-performance, fault-tolerant distributed runtimes.

Programming Models and Languages for Distributed Computing

Work in progress seminar curriculum on distributed computing and programming languages.

SyncFree / Lasp

Research related to the SyncFree project on large-scale synchronization-free computation.

Reading Lists

Reading lists on computer science related topics.

Verified Vector Clocks

Work towards creating a verified vector clock library in Coq, exported to Erlang for use in Riak.


Various blog posts.