Thesis Proposal, Draft

01 Nov 2015

I’ve posted an initial version of my thesis proposal and I’d love any and all feedback.

I’ve received a lot of questions from other academics regarding my thesis proposal: Why are you doing it so early? You haven’t even started your program yet, how can you know what your thesis is going to be?

In Europe, most Ph.D. students are required to start with a Master’s degree already in hand. This results in most Ph.D. funding lasting around three years; most students who need additional funding to finish their thesis, must try to obtain additional funding, either in fellowships, grants, or money from European Union sponsored research projects under either the FP7 or Horizon 2020 projects, if you are a computer science student.

That said, a thesis proposal is required upon registration to the university, and then be modified as you proceed in the program, allowing you to focus in the work as you perform research.

The draft I’ve posted today represents the initial first pass of my thesis proposal, sufficient enough for entry into the university.

I welcome your feedback!